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Finding Cheap Car Insurance

Looking for very cheap car insurance? There are some things you can do to get the really lowest prices without a great deal of effort.

First thing you can do is to make sure that you compare prices with a cheap car insurance company. There is no single insurer in Britain that is always the cheapest for every type of motorist or every type of car so comparing prices is one of the best ways of saving money.

Secondly, don't wait until your car renewal is due but start looking a month before then, and book your new policy well in advance. Research shows that you might save a very considerable sum by doing this. Why? Because insurers like to deal with well-organised people, who they believe are less likely to cause accidents. They are masters of statistics so they may well be right.

Thirdly, before buying a policy look at reviews of the company you have chosen. Some of the very cheap ones may not be as reliable as you would like them to be. Remember that a lot of reviews are placed by people who are unhappy whilst the vast majority who are contented do not bother to go online and write about it; but if the majority of reviews that you say are critical, then perhaps the company is best avoided.

Fourthly; be very wary of third party only cover. In the past this was a very cheap option but insurance companies soon found that clients that bought this type of policy had, on average, a much higher number of fault claims and people who paid out for comprehensive cover. As a result premiums were pushed up considerably and we have found many cases where third-party cover has actually cost more than a comprehensive policy, despite the fact that it offers far fewer benefits.

Fifthly and perhaps most importantly, again before paying over your money, read the documentation which has to be available to you to download, so that you can see exactly what it is you are about to buy. A lot of people make assumptions about things such as compulsory excess payments (these can sometimes cost many hundreds of pounds if you have an accident), insurance in the case of windscreen damage, or cover to drive cars that do not belong to you.

You should always check on any possible extras that you may have to pay. For instance, some companies will charge you nothing at all if you need to make a mid term adjustment to your policy (in other words change your address, your job or your car) but there are others that can charge considerable sums of money. It is no use complaining afterwards if you have to pay anything up to £100 extra just because you have moved house if you're liability to do so is written into the contract.

These are simple ways of saving money and sometimes these savings can be very considerable sums, whether you are a mature highly experienced driver or a young person just starting off behind the wheel. Good luck.


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