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I have pursued the development of Ecological Aquaculture and fishery designs and their management since the early 1980's, driven by the design principles of Ecological Habitat Enhancement.


Trout fisheries need to consider there ecological foot-print in order to provide the best a most sustainable habitat for the the fish being stocked. Will they contain enough natural food for the stocking densites that they are carrying?

Can this natural food supply be sustainable, it is there because of a design feature, how long will it be before it has been exausted by fish feeding pressure?

Most fisheries are stocked very regularly from local fish farms and do not need a sustained and natural food chain as the fish are only brief visitors.

Designing trout and mixed fisheries is a complex issue that requires considerable ecological expertise.


This is designed to provide the fish species with their normal diet, NOT MANUFACTURED FOOD FROM A BAG, this is unsustainable.

This Ecological Aquaculture System is modelled to mirror and complement the existing local ecology that surrounds it, helping to restore and regenerate the natural aquatic and terrestrial environment.

The Sustainable Ecological Aquaculture Design System, enables continuous habitat recovery, while effortlessly sustaining a vigorous and dependable yield of top quality aquatic products.

The freshwater fish species produced from within the system are indistinguishable in taste, texture and appearance from true wild fish.

We will be setting up a new ecological aquaculture production unit and research site next year in the UK or France. Further info will be available as the work progresses.

Freshwater Solutions has new trout fishery develoment sites in Scotland, and aquaculture projects in Central England and France.


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